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Weather Radar Airbus A310 Seriies

Rockwell Collins WXRR 2100

Predictive Threat Assessment

Turbulence Detection

Existing EASA STCC

Turn-Key solution, including installation kit and equipment

Tenencia Aerospace Design is an EASA Part 21 approved Design and Production Organisation; we are also AS9100 accredited. Our speciality is providing Turn-Key solutions, for many different systems, to our customers.

The Modification

The following components have been installed / replaced for the Rockwell Collins WXR 2100

Weather Radar upgrade:

A. Two Multiscan WX Radar transceivers – to replace the existing two (2) WX Radar transceivers  

B. Two WX Radar control panels – to replace the existing one (1) WX Radar control panel  

C. The WX Radar antenna and antenna drive is upgraded per Rockwell Collins Service Bulletin - to make it compatible with the new transceivers  

D. WX Radar Transceiver’s Mount including waveguide switch – to accommodate the new


E. One Annunciator switch – to initiate the self test mode of the Multiscan WX Radar system

Click here to view a downloadable version of our Airbus A310 Weather Radar.